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共计人民币3,360 元, 折合美金$516

IOF将在2021年2月组织一个由两部分组成的虚拟演讲者系列,为中国农村学校筹款。 该网络研讨会介绍了COVID-19时代的大学申请流程和经验,演讲者分享了自己的个人经验。 门票销售的所有收益将直接捐赠给我们支持的乡村学校的学生。


In February 2021, IOF is organizing a 2-part virtual speaker series to fundraise for rural schools in China. The webinar covers the college application process and experience in the age of COVID-19, with speakers sharing their own personal experiences. All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated directly to students at the rural schools we support.


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